Tired of losing your keys? Here is the device that finds them

TrackR will present at CES its new trackers for lost and found, ranging from Pixel designed for keys and accessories up to Wallet 2.0 to be applied to the wallet

Tired of never finding the house keys in the bag? Or are you tired of spending minutes looking for your wallet before leaving home? TrackR is the startup for you. The U.S. company has improved its lost and found trackers and will present them at CES 2017 in Las Vegas.

TrackR Pixel for not losing small items. The new TrackR Pixels are nothing but the natural evolution of the, already on the market, TrackR Bravo. They are small trackers, the size of a coin, to attach to those objects that we often lose around the house. These are connected via Bluetooth to our smartphone and to find them will take a moment. They are made of aluminum and also have a small LED light that makes it easier to locate the lost object. To buy them in pre-order is only 25 dollars, less than the 30 of the old version Bravo. You can choose among 9 different colors and the shipments will start in spring.

TrackR Wallet 2.0: to find your wallet

The wallet is surely the accessory that you would least want to lose, along with your smartphone. To avoid this unpleasant inconvenience TrackR has created its Wallet 2.0. It is a credit card sized tracker, made entirely of carbon fiber. It also has interchangeable batteries. We can know where the wallet is by using Bluetooth from our smartphone up to 30 meters away. Beyond this distance we will know the correct location through the use of GPS from other devices nearby. The pre-order price is just under $30 and again, shipments will begin next spring.

TrackR Atlas: the smart wall outlet

[[track-video id=5269174010001]]

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TrackeR Atlas, finally, will be a wall outlet with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to expand the range of other TrackR systems within a home. TrackR Altlas, moreover, will also support Amazon Alexa. This will therefore allow you to locate objects through simple voice commands. TrackR Atlas is already available for pre-order at a price of $39.99. The first shipments, as in the case of the other trackers presented at CES, are scheduled for next spring.

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