Tiscali: problems with the Internet network, what’s happening

The first problems in the night, many users have not yet resolved, how to contact the assistance service

Problems with the Internet connection on the fixed network of Tiscali starting from this night: several users have reported, and continue to report, the inability to connect or strong slowdowns. In some cases there are also problems with telephone lines and VoIP. Some users also report problems with FTTH fiber optic connections.

Although the first inefficiencies date back to the night, most customers have discovered the problems only when they woke up in the morning. The failures would then seem to affect users in different areas of Italy, both in the north and south, with more reports coming as usual from large cities such as Rome, Milan, Turin and Bologna. Customers are therefore contacting the Tiscali support service, via the MyTiscali app, the WhatsApp number 37010130 or the toll-free number 130. The operator's social presence, in fact, is very bland and fragmented and the various channels are not updated regularly.

Tiscali Down: the areas most affected

The largest number of reports, collected as usual from sites such as DownDetector and Fing, in addition to the cities already mentioned, comes from Verona, Monza, from the Milanese belt

Not missing those who, on Twitter, point out that in a period like the one we are experiencing a down to the network of an operator means not being able to work in smart working.

Tiscali Down: disruption over?

According to a tweet from the online service Fing Internet Alert, the problems with Tiscali's Internet network began at 1:05 a.m. last night and were resolved after 7 hours. However, just in response to that tweet, some users are reporting that the problem is still ongoing and is by no means over.