TitkTok also starts paying European creators

Even European creators can now be paid by TikTok: the company has allocated a €60 million fund

The TikTok app started paying last July to creators from the United States who post the most followed and liked videos on the platform, allocating a fund of more than €200 million. Now TikTok is also targeting Europe, allocating a €60 million fund for European creators.

The platform allows users to film short videos to share on social networks and has now decided to invest in the most original and followed creators, to monetize the most successful content. After recent problems with bans in some countries due to concerns about its safety, including the United States, TikTok has decided to fund users to stimulate their creativity and encourage them to produce content. The fund for the U.S. is set to increase, and for the European fund as well, TikTok plans to reach €225 million within the next three years.

TikTok, a fund for European creators as well

After investing in U.S. creators, the popular funny short video app is now shifting its focus to the European market. TikTok has set aside a €60 million fund to finance what are considered the most deserving creators. The company's blog reads, "We're starting with a €60 million endowment, available to thousands of users across Europe: a first step towards a new world of opportunity on TikTok, where our creators can grow their creativity, imagination and ambition even further."

The platform's ultimate goal is to increase funding to €225 million within three years, so as to offer long-term support to its community: "We want to help emerging creative talents in Italy to make this opportunity a springboard to a career not only on our platform, but also outside of it."

TikTok, how to access the European fund

European creators who want to access the fund must meet certain requirements. First of all, you must be 18 years old, have at least 10 thousand followers and have reached 10 thousand video views in the last 30 days from the request. In addition, TikTok requires the content posted by the creators to be original and meet the community guidelines. If the user feels they meet all the criteria, they can then log into the app with the pro/creator account and fill out the application for the TikTok Creator Fund.