Tivùsat CAM: what they are and how to choose

The CAM is a device that connects to the TV and allows you to watch Tivùsat channels in 4K without any problem. Here's which one to buy

Those who have bought a 4K smart TV can't wait to watch content at this resolution, four times higher than the classic HD and, therefore, able to make us see sharply even the smallest details of each image. The richest 4K offer at the moment is the one transmitted by the free satellite platform Tivùsat, which includes seven channels transmitted in 4K: Rai 4K, Eutelsat 4K1, Fashion TV, NASA TV 4K, Myzen 4K, Museum 4K and TravelXP 4K. As you can already guess from the names of the channels, Rai 4K and Eutelsat 4K1 are generalist channels, while the others are dedicated to a specialized audience: Fashion TV deals with fashion, NASA TV with science and astronomy, Myzen 4K offers Zen entertainment content for meditation, Museum 4K deals with art and TravelXP 4K with travel. To watch these channels you need a Tivùsat 4K system, meaning a dish and a decoder or CAM that is certified and compatible with this resolution. But while the decoders are now quite well known to the general public, the same cannot be said for CAMs.

CAM Tivùsat: what they are

A Tivùsat CAM is a module that is inserted into a special slot in the smart TV and that, in turn, serves to accommodate the Tivùsat smart card. After inserting the CAM in the TV and the card in the CAM, and connected to the satellite system, the CAM decodes the signal and allows us to watch free programs broadcast by Tivùsat. The Tivùsat certified 4K CAM is produced by the French company SmartDTV and is distributed in Italy by four manufacturers: Humax, Digiquest, I ZAP and Telesystem.

Tivùsat CAM: how to choose it and where to buy it

In reality there is no need to choose a Tivùsat 4K CAM: despite being customized by individual distributors, all four Tivùsat 4K CAMs are identical. They are always the same SmartDTV CAM, only the commercial name changes and all of them allow us to watch Tivùsat channels, including those in 4K. In the package of each CAM, then, is included the Tivùsat 4K smartcard and, therefore, once bought a CAM we will just have a smart TV where to insert it and a satellite system to which to connect it to see the free 4K Ultra HD channels (and obviously also those at lower resolution).

You can buy a CAM 4K certified Tivùsat both in physical stores of electronics and online, on the main e-commerce sites. The price of all CAMs is similar: 100-110 euros and the Tivùsat card is included in the price.