To get an Apple iPhone 13 takes up to 2 months

The iPhones 13 are selling like hotcakes and delivery times are getting longer: for the Pro and Pro Max models you can even get up to two months of waiting before shipping

They may be an "I" version of iPhone 12, but the iPhone 13 are selling like hotcakes and delivery times are getting worryingly long. The latest confirmation comes from a report on Apple by Swiss bank Credit Suisse, according to which to get an iPhone 13 (especially the 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max models), you have to wait no less than four weeks, or one month.

But, in reality, it can take even twice as long: calculating shipping times directly from the Apple Store in some of the world's largest markets, in fact, you get the fateful time of four weeks, but Credit Suisse only takes into account online orders on Apple's official website. This means that buying an iPhone 13 elsewhere, because perhaps the chosen model or color is not currently available on Apple's site, can lengthen the time considerably. According to Credit Suisse, this is mainly due to an excess of demand, which would suggest that Apple was right when it hypothesized record sales for the iPhone 13. Everything, of course, should also be contextualized in the current period characterized by the well-known crisis of the chips. In short: the perfect storm and those who want an iPhone 13 are right in the middle of it.

How long does it take for an iPhone 13

We have made some simulations of purchase to see for ourselves what are the estimated delivery times for iPhone 13. Let's start with the one that is probably the least desired of the range: for iPhone 13 mini 128 GB there are no excessively long shipping times and the estimated delivery is in the week between 22 and 29 October.

Already switching to the standard iPhone 13 things get complicated and delivery times go up: between October 27 and November 4. With the Pro models it goes up again: for a 128 GB blue Sierra iPhone 13 Pro the estimated delivery is November 11-18, same dates for the Pro Max.

Better to buy them on Amazon?

Many prefer to buy iPhones on Amazon, to take advantage of the longer time available for returns and rely on the proverbial guarantee of the American e-commerce. But here things are not any better in terms of shipping time: the iPhone 13 Pro Max 128 GB, in fact, is "Generally shipped within 1-2 months".

Same for iPhoen 13 Pro, while iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini are all with immediate availability.