Trafficante di Virus: where to see the film inspired by Ilaria Capua

The film is inspired by the judicial affair involving the well-known Italian virologist and researcher. Here's all about plot, cast and release

Ilaria Capua is the prestigious Italian virologist and researcher. By now, her face is well known among the Italian public thanks to her participation in numerous television programs during the pandemic: since the first months of the emergency, she has been one of the main experts asked to help the public understand the characteristics of Covid-19, its evolution and the behaviors to have to avoid contagions.

She is one of the most important virologists in the world, as well as a researcher and academic. She has a complex and interesting story, so much so that it became the inspiration for the film "Virus Trafficker" based on the 2017 book in which Ilaria Capua recounts the judicial affair in which she was involved, which led her to abandon her role in politics. She was in fact a parliamentarian in Italy. Later, it was discovered that the doctor was totally extraneous to the accusations, but that affair marked in an important way her private and professional life. Now it is possible to know and deepen it thanks to the film.

Virus trafficker: cast and plot

The film, directed by Costanza Quatriglio, has as its protagonist Irene Colli, a researcher who works at a prestigious Italian zooprophylactic agency. She has a beautiful family and an enormous passion for her work, which she carries out competently and always with an eye towards innovation. In particular, she deals with the analysis and prediction of epidemics among animals, especially those most dangerous for humans.

Unfortunately, she is involved in a judicial investigation that will change her life forever, the one on the illegal trafficking of antivirus vaccines. She is investigated and catapulted into a real media and judicial case, where a group of scientists are accused of having deliberately let the avian flu virus spread in order to sell vaccines. The accusation is that of epidemic and attempted massacre. Irene is one of the main suspects and this also upsets her private life.

The film tries, thus, to tell a complicated and difficult story but also the determination of a woman who wants to defend her innocence and her professionalism. The story is inspired by that of the book entitled "Io, trafficante di virus" that Ilaria Capua wrote in 2017.

The protagonist is played by Anna Foglietta, in the cast along with her we find Michael Rodgers, Isabel Russinova, Andrea Bosca, Beatrice Fedi, Fulvio Falzarano, Francesco Biscione, Alberto Basaluzzo, Nadia Brustolon, with the participation of Roberto Citran, Paolo Calabresi and Luigi Diberti.

The film is a Picomedia production along with Medusa Film, in collaboration with Prime Video and Trentino Film Commission.

How to see the film Trafficante di virus

The film inspired by the story of Ilaria Capua is released today, Monday, December 13, 2021 on Amazon Prime Video.

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