TV rights Serie A: a new low-cost subscription is being worked on

For the 2021 - 2022 season, the Lega di Serie A is working on a media company that should manage the production of the championship matches and the sale of TV rights

Interest is growing around the television rights of Serie A for the three-year period 2021 -2024. For the season that will start in September, the situation is already quite clear: we continue with the double Sky-DAZN subscription to see all 380 championship matches. The situation, however, will change enormously from the 2021 - 2022 season, with many presidents of Serie A who have already moved to present their ideas.

We have told you about De Laurentiis' project that foresees the creation of a media company with the direct management by the Lega di Serie A of the production of the matches. Besides De Laurentiis' project, there is also the interest of private funds: the Lega di Serie A received offers from six investment funds ready to support the birth of the media company and the development of an innovative project. An offer has also arrived from Wanda and Mediapro (an old acquaintance of the Lega di Serie A), ready to support the birth of an official channel of the Lega that would broadcast exclusively all Serie A matches.

All of these projects and ideas have one thing in common: a different management of Serie A rights compared to what we have known until now. The goal is to widen the audience of users as much as possible and to decrease the cost of the monthly subscription. No more double subscription to watch the A Series (goodbye to the Sky-DAZN duopoly), but a plurality of platforms that can purchase the rights directly from the League.

TV rights of the A Series, end to the Sky-DAZN duopoly

Six proposals arrived at the A Series League from large investment funds for the creation of the media company that will market the TV rights of the A Series for the three-year period 2021 - 2024. They are Bain, CVC, Advent, Apollo, Fortress and Blakcstone. Each one has proposed different solutions based on their own idea of financing and the purchase of minority shares.

A different offer came from the Wanda and Mediapro groups, which would have proposed to the Lega di Serie A support for the creation of a channel where all the matches of the championship would be broadcast. An idea that could be taken into consideration in case the media company's project fails.

All decisions will be taken in the meeting set by the Serie A League for Thursday, July 30. After the meeting between the various presidents of Serie A, we will know more about how we will see the championship on TV next year. One of the few certain points is that they are working to lower the price of the monthly subscription and to make it available on a greater number of platforms.

What does the De Laurentiis plan foresee

At the moment one of the most advanced projects regarding the assignment of TV rights of Serie A 2021 - 2024 is the one presented by De Laurentiis in the previous weeks. The plan foresees revenues for Serie A clubs in excess of 2.5 billion euros and a low-cost monthly subscription for fans: 29.99 euros per month plus VAT.

A single subscription without the need to sign multiple contracts to see the entire Serie A, which, instead, happens now. Furthermore, in De Laurentiis' idea, there should no longer be a monopoly or duopoly on Serie A rights, but any broadcaster could purchase them directly from the League. Even the various Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Tim or Vodafone. A higher number of players to increase the earnings of the clubs and decrease the costs for the fans.