TV series similar to Élite: here are the best

Did you love the events of the prestigious high school Las Encinas? In streaming you can find many similar titles, perfect mix between teen-drama and thriller. Here's which ones to watch.

Élite is among the most popular Spanish TV series of recent years, entered the Netflix catalog starting in 2018. The content consists of three seasons and is set inside a prestigious high school, Las Encinas, attended by boys from the richest Spanish families.

Among the boys there are also three young people of humble origins, who have received a scholarship to attend school, to which no one extends a hand. We are in front of a teen drama with thriller notes and dark tones. In fact, in addition to adolescent problems, each season sees the protagonists involved in a crime: in the first season a murder, in the second the disappearance of a person and the third again a murder. In the different episodes, the events that led to the crime and then to its resolution are retraced. There is no shortage of themes such as the discovery of sexuality, addiction, economic inequality and violence. Those who loved this TV series can find other titles similar to Élite on streaming. Here's what they are.

Riverdale on Netflix

Among the most similar series to Élite, we find Riverdale, a US show based on the Archie Comics. Born in 2017, it is the spin-off of The Terrifying Adventures of Sabrina. It too is a clever mix of teen drama and thriller.

It tells the story of Archie and Betty, two friends who live in a small town in the United States. Just like Élite, in Riverdale each season the kids' lives are turned upside down by a crime that they must work to solve. Archie and Betty want to bring justice and put a spoke in the wheels of the local underworld. Also shown in this TV series is the disparity between the affluent and those who, on the other hand, have to sweat every day for a better life.

Riverdale is available on Netflix.

Euphoria on Now TV

The second intense series to watch after Élite is called Euphoria. Created by Sam Levinson, it has received numerous accolades from critics and audiences, including an Emmy for Best Actress in a Drama Series to Zendaya, the series' lead.

And it's really around her character that the plot revolves. She plays Rue Bennett, the narrator of the series, a 17-year-old drug addict with a difficult life behind her. Her life is revolutionized by the arrival of Jules Vaughn, a girl who has recently moved to the same town as her.

As in previous series, we are faced with a very intense teen drama, where the events of a group of boys who attend high school and have their first love experiences are told, but also related to sex, drugs and other difficulties they encounter along the way.

Euphoria is available on the Now TV platform.

Sex Education on Netflix

The third teen TV series is definitely lighter than the others, in the sense that it deals with the issues in an ironic way and does not present overly dark and gloomy notes. On the other hand, after so much tension, it is necessary to have a good laugh, of course without straying from the world of teenagers.

The ideal third series is in fact Sex Education, which tells the life of Otis a very shy and awkward boy, but with a mother rather "cumbersome" especially for the work he does. Her name is Jean and she is a famous sexologist.

One day, Otis chatting with some of his classmates, discovers that he is very good at giving advice in the sexual field, so together with his friend Maeve decides to start a sort of listening center and sexual advice absolutely clandestine, then hidden from teachers, school authorities and even parents.

In a short time reaches popularity throughout the school, bringing some trouble. In the background, the series tells the stories of Otis' friends as they find themselves maturing and coming to terms with their identities and desires. It's a truly well-rounded and humorous series, while also tackling crucial social issues in an intense way.

Sex Education is available on Netflix.