Twitter, account deletion postponed: plans change

Twitter's turnaround. The microbloggin platform first announces that it wants to delete inactive users, then postpones the whole thing because of ... the dead

It has been postponed, it is not known exactly by how much, the "cleaning season" in Twitter. In the past few days, the microblogging platform had announced its intention to delete inactive accounts, so as to "make room" in the servers.

After a few hours, however, the top management of the blog were forced to turn around. The "repulisti", in fact, would have regarded also inactive accounts not for will of the legitimate owners. In particular, it was pointed out to Twitter that in this way it would have deleted the accounts of dead users and, therefore, unable to connect with their profile and interact with other users. As mentioned, Twitter has thus decided to postpone the deletion until it can find a way to automatically create a "memorial profile" of those who are no longer there.

Twitter and inactive accounts

Twitter deems an account inactive when it is not logged in for more than six months. This is a dormant account that does not interact in any way on the social. Twitter said it has begun sending out email alerts to owners of hibernating accounts to notify them of impending profile deletion. The deletion may be suspended if the owners of the inactive accounts promptly access their profiles. This operation will allow, for those interested, to be able to claim a username of an inactive profile, but this request must be made quickly, possibly within a few days before the date scheduled for the deletion of hibernated accounts.

Twitter: the bots

And the bots? It's still unclear what their fate will be, but surely those who "rule" them will find a way to log in to avoid account deletion. It seems that one owner of several bots has already stated that he has not received any notification from Twitter regarding the deletion of accounts set for December 11, 2020.