Twitter announces professional profiles: how they are and when they arrive

On Twitter more news coming: this time the announcement, official, concerns the introduction of "professional" profiles for companies and professionals.

On Twitter there will be professional profiles. This is a new feature that will be completely dedicated to those who use the platform primarily for work, from the dissemination of original material, as already happens for publishers and creators, to the promotion of their products or services, a peculiar feature of companies.

To announce the introduction of the feature was Twitter itself, through the dedicated profile @TwitterBusiness. The main objective is to allow creators, non-profit profiles and brands to strengthen their presence on the platform. A complete and effective profile, according to the experts of the social, would help to create a valid and safe image in the eyes of users, especially during the first approach. In addition, the content within the page should represent in a targeted manner the identity of the brand or professional in question, as a virtual showcase of their business, all details that will be highlighted with the introduction of the new profile.

Twitter Professional Profiles, how they work

As shown during the first live test of the new tool implemented by Twitter, professional profiles will have a new setting compared to what we have seen so far on the pages. In fact, on the profile there will be the data of the professional/brand such as contact information, email address and address of the business, if available.

With a redesigned layout, the professional profiles will immediately appear different from the personal ones, thus becoming a distinguishing element well distinguishable from all the others. This is, in any case, functionality still in progress and that, waiting for the official release, could undergo some changes to make them even more functional for end users.

According to what Techradar reported, the feature will also serve as a device to expand the earnings of the figures involved (on Twitter are being tested different types of monetization). All this, then, would be part of the project of Twitter to offer more and more earning opportunities and business opportunities through the platform, a process that has already begun with the creators and that now, however, also introduces small and large companies to these monetization mechanisms outside of traditional promotional campaigns.

Twitter professional profiles, when they arrive

As mentioned, the feature is still being tested, so for the moment has not yet been established an official date for the introduction of professional profiles. The same goes for the modalities foreseen to request this type of profile, all details that Twitter will reveal over the next few months when the time for the debut will be more mature.