Twitter Blue for everyone in the USA: how much does it cost and what does it offer

The subscription plan of Twitter, called Twitter Blue, arrives in these hours also in the USA and New Zealand: here's at what price and what benefits it offers

It was announced and made available almost six months ago in Canada and Australia, but Twitter Blue now extends the audience of those who can subscribe to the American and New Zealand users. It's official since a few hours the debut of Twitter Blue in the U.S., where all those who populate the social can decide whether to continue with the free version or subscribe to Blue.

The release of the subscription plan then proceeds, without particular haste but effectively. It will be necessary to understand how much the advantages assured by the monthly subscription can convince those who already use Twitter without paying a euro to do the opposite, and this will be a verdict that will come out with time. The goal of the property is of course to make money from a social widely used in the world and that so far has been supported by advertisers, but now turns to users to offer them a superior experience at the cost of a small monthly subscription.

Twitter Blue, what benefits it offers

The main feature of Twitter Blue is the opportunity to undo a tweet just sent. Disappointed faces on the part of those who have been waiting and invoking the possibility to edit a tweet for a long time, which the platform has not yet decided to implement: instead, the possibility to set a timer up to 30 seconds during which the tweet does not appear in the message stream, ready to be canceled.

In addition to the "power" to cancel a tweet, Twitter Blue subscribers can customize the platform's app to a greater extent. In fact, you get additional themes as well as the ability to set a custom app icon and change the color accent of the entire Twitter UI. In addition - and this should be a great incentive to switch to Blue for those who make professional use of Twitter - subscribers have priority access to Twitter support.

Not to be forgotten then, among the benefits granted to those who subscribe to Twitter Blue, is the total absence of advertisements while you update yourself with news published by selected authoritative publications such as the Washington Post, L.A. Times, USA Today, The Atlantic, Reuters, The Daily Beast, Rolling Stone, BuzzFeed, Insider and The Hollywood Reporter. Also interesting is the ability to access a selection of published articles.

Twitter Blue produces its benefits in both the Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) app, but also for those using the platform from a computer via a web browser. Non tutti i vantaggi legati al piano in abbonamento però sono disponibili su tutte le piattaforme: per semplicità e conoscenza, ecco i dettagli relativi alla disponibilità delle singole funzioni.

  • Annulla Tweet: utenti iOS, Android e Web
  • Articoli senza pubblicità: utenti iOS e Web
  • Visualizzatore thread: utenti iOS, Android e Web
  • Cartelle segnalibri: utenti iOS e Android
  • Icone delle app: utenti iOS e Android
  • Carica video più lunghi: utenti web
  • Articoli principali: utenti iOS e web
  • Navigazione personalizzata: utenti iOS
  • Tema dell’app: utenti iOS
  • Conversazioni bloccate: utenti iOS

Twitter Blue, disponibilità e prezzo

Il piano in abbonamento Twitter Blue è stato ufficializzato ormai quasi sei mesi fa, ma è disponibile solamente adesso in USA e Nuova Zelanda dove ci si può abbonare per 2,99 dollari americani (4,49 dollari neozelandesi) al mese. Gradually the availability will be extended elsewhere - although there are no certainties about Italy - at roughly equivalent prices.