Twitter, coming feature to edit posts

The microblogging would be ready to introduce the new feature that will allow users to change their tweets. The timing, however, will not be so immediate

A real plebiscite has clamored to make Twitter posts editable. A request that the CEO of microblogging Jack Dorsey apparently would be ready to accept. The feature, however, in practice will not be so easy to implement.

Everything started last December 29 when Jack Dorsey asked millions of users what features they would like to improve or add in 2017. Most of his followers proposed the possibility of editing for 140-character messages posted on the social network. A wish that at this point would seem close to being fulfilled. However, there are some problems that the CEO of microblogging will have to solve before launching this new feature. As he writes in one of his tweets, will the feature be able to be used to edit all posts or only to quickly correct errors?

Long time

At the moment, however, Jack Dorsey does not specify when the new feature will be available to microblogging users even if, given the importance, it is very likely that the feature will not be launched anytime soon. Among the many features that users have been asking for years now, the ability to edit posts and the ability to increase the number of characters certainly occupy the first two places. And now, therefore, it seems to have finally arrived the right time to realize at least one of them. Who knows if the move will help to stop the crisis and raise the destiny of Twitter.