Twitter cuts 9% of staff and announces closure of Vine

Continues downsizing for the social after failure to divest, the free short video sharing app will disappear and layoffs will begin

The Twitter bird hasn't been doing too well lately. And the company's downsizing following the failed divestment won't just bring several layoffs. In fact, the microblogging portal has announced that in the coming months it will put an end to the use of Vine, the app for sharing videos.

Vine was born, in January 2013, to share short videos and in a short time had become a magnet for new users. Interested in the creative aspects offered by the app. Some memes and funny clips have become viral on the network thanks to Vine and Twitter. Many others, however, used it - the verb in the past tense seems to be a must given the decision taken - to comment on sports or news events in a timely manner. For users before the final farewell will still be possible to access to download their movies.

The future of Twitter?

The announcement of the closure of Vine comes almost simultaneously with the choice by the social to cut 9% of its staff. And to say that for Vine the social had shelled out a figure close to $900 million, but at the time it seemed to be able to offer an incredible market momentum for the social. Despite this, the microblogging site continues to have revenues in the third quarter of this year, even with an increase of 8% compared to 2015. Users are also up slightly. But the numbers tell us of a stalled social. From 2014 to date Twitter has gained 15 million monthly users, in the same period Facebook reached 319 million. Vine was supposed to definitively launch the chirpy social and instead has now been one of the first victims of downsizing. At this point many are wondering what the future will be for Twitter?