Twitter down, Android app doesn’t work: what’s going on

The Twitter app for Android isn't working because of a bug in the latest version available. Here's what's going on

Twitter isn't working, because of Twitter. These are difficult hours for users of the social network who have updated the app to the latest version available for Android, the 8.28: already at the first restart, in fact, the app crashes for no apparent reason. Twitter is working on a solution.

This is a bug that affects millions of users who, at the moment, can only change the settings to get the app working again. But at the cost of losing all their saved settings. That's why Twitter invites everyone to be patient and wait for a new upgrade. Better yet, Twitter explains, is not to update the app to version 8.28 and wait directly for the next one. To do so, however, we must disable the automatic update of all the apps we have installed on our smartphone. The problem only affects the Android app, while the iOS app works properly.

Why Twitter doesn't work

The problem with version 8.28 of the Twitter app is very simple, but serious: as soon as we open the app, it crashes and closes. And that makes it completely unusable. Even the message that "Twitter has stopped working", with its options to close the app or send feedback, disappears immediately. The user continues to see notifications from Twitter, but as soon as he opens them the problem recurs. So it's a vicious circle, from which it's impossible to get out from inside the app.

What to do if Twitter doesn't work

If we haven't yet updated Twitter to version 8.28 (and we notice it because the app works), the first thing to do is to prevent the update from happening before everything gets back to working properly. To do this we have to open the Play Store app and go to Settings > Automatic app update and select the "Don't automatically update apps" option. Remember that this setting applies to all apps at once, not just the Twitter app. If, on the other hand, we already have the non-working version of the Twitter app we can make it work by going to Settings > Apps & Notifications > Twitter > Storage & Cache and clear all the data. This way we'll do a reset of the Twitter settings and we'll have to enter the login data again. We'll lose all our customizations, but in most cases the app will work again.