Twitter down today, what’s going on

Twitter hasn't been working since about 9pm and no one knows why yet. The interface of the platform loads normally, but not the content

Who knows how many will go to Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp to comment "So it's not my smartphone, Twitter is down for real". The microblogging platform, usually flooded with comments of all kinds when other social networks or messaging platforms are not reachable, hasn't been working for a few tens of minutes and on industry sites - DownDetector in particular - thousands of reports have already been collected.

Studying them well, it turns out that the problem doesn't only affect Italian users: Twitter is down all over the world, with peaks in the UK, Northern Europe and the East Coast of the United States. The malfunction is quite widespread, affecting not only the website, but also the iPhone and Android apps. Exactly what is happening, though? Trying to figure out the cause is not at all easy: the website interface loads without any problems, but no content of any kind is loaded. At the center of the page is shown a generic message "Something went wrong", with the button to reload the page just below.

Why Twitter is down on July 11, what we know so far

The probable causes of the down of Twitter we still know little. The platform, in fact, is normally reachable, while the contents of the users are not displayed. It is possible to assume, therefore, that there is a malfunction in some database table: the microblogging portal tries to "call" the tweets and multimedia content, but can not identify where they are and shows an error message.

It is, at the moment, a mere "investigative" hypothesis and to find out what is really going on it is necessary to wait for the response of the technicians. Engineers and developers of Twitter, in fact, are already working to try to understand why Twitter does not work and already in the next few minutes there could be news. We will continue to follow the matter and keep you updated.