Twitter makes it easier to find new interesting audio Spaces

Twitter continues to push Spaces, its platform for audio chats and podcasts: now you can see which Spaces the profiles you follow are participating in

Finding audio Spaces to listen to on Twitter becomes even easier. The twitter platform has announced it, recently introducing an option that allows users to show their followers all the "Spaces" they follow, giving them the opportunity to find new and interesting ones.

The social network has confirmed it with a tweet through the account @TwitterSpaces, dedicated to the news that in recent months have involved the service. The new section, introduced at the beginning of 2021, was created with the aim of becoming the main competitor of Clubhouse, which, since its birth, has made conversations its pivotal communication vehicle. Certainly, the feature just presented can give a useful boost to the intent, since it will provide subscribers with an extra tool to enjoy an in-depth overview of the many voice discussions that take place daily on Twitter.

Twitter Spaces, how to find the new Spaces

The feature, available for those who use the social via application for iOS and Android operating systems, is based on a rather simple mechanism. If one of the accounts followed is among the followers of a Space, the user will have the opportunity to see it at the top of his timeline, or the "homepage" that serves as a collector for published tweets.

This is, in any case, an optional choice that can be activated or deactivated by the user by browsing through the Twitter settings. In order to indicate to others the Spaces you are interested in, it is necessary to activate the option inside Settings and Privacy > Privacy and Security > Your Twitter activity.

This radically changes the mechanisms that until now have governed the approach to the Spaces. In fact, at the moment Twitter only allows you to view the Spaces managed directly by the accounts you follow or those in which they are currently participating while you are using the app, cutting out others in which they may have participated in the past.

Twitter Spaces, when the new feature arrives

As pointed out by @TwitterSpaces, the feature that showcases audio Spaces is in an experimental phase and, consequently, may not be available to everyone. It is not excluded that it will become so in the coming weeks: so, if interested, better keep an eye on the dedicated area.

But there is more to boil in the pot of Twitter because it would not be the only change of course coming. Among the leaks that have recently crossed the net, one could give more audience to Spaces. We're talking about the possibility of listening to the audio again even after the end of the live broadcast, which would untie the conversations from the constraint of listening "live" to allow you to resume later in peace.