Twitter plans to allow more characters for retweets… here’s how!

Those who use Twitter know it well: you have to use all your ability to summarize when you respond to a Tweet. No more linguistic acrobatics, more room for words!

The 140-character limit is one of the peculiarities of the twittering social network. But it's a limit that runs out very soon if the usernames of the people you're replying to are also counted. And Twitter is thinking of eliminating them from the count to offer more space in retweets.

The regulars of Twitter will certainly like this new "concession". As they had certainly liked the one introduced last month that eliminated, from the count of the rigid 140 characters of the "cinguetii", the space occupied by any attachments - such as photos, links and videos - offering users more space to write. Now a similar option is being tested for reply tweets that does not take into account the names of the users mentioned. A very useful feature especially when participating in group conversations.

Twitter gives you more space to express yourself

Those who use Twitter a lot, will have experienced the frustration of having to scrimp on words to leave space for the names of users and send replies, often, excessively tight. Well, don't worry, the social network has taken note of users' needs and is testing a new form of retweeting that eliminates the classic @username from the count. The result is that you respond to a single user, or a list of several people, the canonical 140 characters will be entirely devoted to the reply. The feature is currently in the hands of some beta testers of the Twitter mobile application, and is not yet designed for those who use the social via the Web or via TweetDeck. It is also an option granted only in retweets and not for normal tweets. But, at the moment it's better than nothing.

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