Twitter, Stories arrive for everyone: how Fleet works

The test is over: Fleet arrives for everyone and "Twitter Stories" are released globally. Here's how to use them and what to expect from overseas.

After last week's announcement, which came after a testing phase in some countries such as Brazil and Italy, Twitter is now releasing "Fleet" globally. That is, the stories of the social of the blue bird.

The Flett are very similar to Instagram Stories (which in turn are a copy of Snapchat stories) and disappear after 24 hours. But unlike the stories of other social the interactions are not public and only those who publish the fleet can know who and how they respond. For the rest, not much changes: you can share both simple text and a video or a photo, on which you can add text in overlay. Fleet is gradually coming to all users around the world, so we can expect a boom of "Twitter Stories" in the coming days.

How to create a Fleet

Creating a story on Twitter is very simple: just tap on your profile photo and then choose the content to be published from your media gallery.

Or alternatively, at the bottom of the screen, you can choose to take a photo or record a video or publish simple text. Once the Fleet is published, it will remain online for 24 hours and then it will disappear.

Twitter has not provided any counter of likes or other interactions: it is only possible to view the fleets of the profiles we follow and respond privately to the author.

What changes for Italians

Italy, after Brazil, was one of the countries chosen by Twitter for the experimentation of Fleet. It is very likely, therefore, that many users have already used this function in the past weeks.

In the United States, however, Fleets is only now arriving. In the U.S. there is a very intense use of Twitter and it is on this social network that the major influencers of the world of information are to be found.

This is why it is very likely that those who follow U.S. Twitter accounts will see a proliferation of Fleet in the coming days and that this new format will be used in an interesting way by the main influencers of the social network who, of course, are almost all American.