Twitter, Vine will close on January 17 to make way for Vine Camera

According to what the company announced on the social network, the application launched in 2013 will be replaced by Vine Camera, a new app for videos

We certainly can't say that at Twitter they were not of their word. The microblogging confirms, in fact, what was announced in October and makes official the date of closure of Vine: January 17. The video application, according to what we read on Twitter, will become Vine Camera.

A decision that reflects in part the crisis that the social network has been going through for a few years. In fact, according to some market analysts, Twitter is now on the verge of bankruptcy. Recently Trip Chowdhry, director of Global Equities Research, said that the real value of the stock is destined to lose 44%, reaching the level of 10 dollars. Crisis that has forced CEO Jack Dorsey to launch a policy of spending review, starting from the Italian offices in Milan that will begin to close in a few days. The company has been close to the sale several times, but one after another the various suitors have pulled back.

Vine turns into Vine Camera

Turning to the video application of Twitter, Vine on January 17, therefore, will cease to exist. Users will have a few days to save all their data and delete their different accounts. However, the microblogging company will continue to keep the website open. The video app was developed a few years ago by a startup called Vine, which later ended up in the hands of Twitter. The app allows you to create 6-second videos that can be shared on social networks. Vine will then make way for Vine Camera, but what will change? Only the name. From what we can guess in fact the new application will continue to allow users to create loops of images of 6 seconds. And they will always be shareable.