Two new sports channels arrive on Tivùsat: how to watch them

The range of channels available on the free digital satellite platform Tivùsat continues to grow: MS Channel and MS MotorTV have arrived, here's what they broadcast and how to watch them.

Tivùsat's free satellite platform now features two new channels dedicated to sports: MS Channel and MS MotorTV, both from Mediasport Group and already available on the Sky platform. Both are already visible to the 6 million viewers of Tivùsat, free of charge.

MS Channel is a channel dedicated to sport in the round, especially to sports defined as "minor" because they do not normally find space on the big national broadcasters, neither free nor paid. MS Channel, for example, broadcasts the matches of the National Basketball League, the Women's Basketball League, the Italian Track Hockey Championship, boxing, billiards and even Paralympic soccer. MS MotorTV, on the other hand, as its name suggests, is a channel entirely dedicated to the world of motor sports: Italian Speed Championship, Ama Supercross, karting, rally, prototypes but also quads and off road. There are also marine motor sports and women's championships.

How to watch MS Channel and MS MotorTV

To watch MS Channel and MS MotorTV for free you need to be a Tivùsat user, so you need a Tivùsat certified device (which can be an external decoder or a TV set with integrated decoder and CAM, here a guide to recognize them), a satellite system with the dish oriented to pick up the signal of the Eutelsat Hotbird 13° East satellite (which is the same as Sky) and the Tivùsat smartcard to be inserted in the CAM.

The new channels can be reached at numbers 54 and 55 of the Tivùsat remote control and, if you can't see them correctly, you need to retune Tivùsat (here's a guide on how to do the procedure).

Alternatively, the same channels are also available for Sky subscribers, at channels 813 and 814.

Tivùsat: other news in July

The arrival of MS Channel and MS MotorTV is not the only news for Tivùsat users, because in a few weeks another news will arrive that will potentially interest many viewers: from July 1 Rete 4 will be seen only in HD. The same will happen for Italia Uno on October 1 and for Canale 5 on January 1, 2022.

With the transition to HD all those who do not have a decoder and a high-resolution TV will not be able to see these channels (nor all the others that broadcast only in HD). In this case the replacement of the equipment will be essential.