Two years of PES Mobile: 2nd Anniversary Celebration campaign kicks off

PES Mobile is two years old: Konami has launched a special campaign that will give access to legendary players.

PES Mobile is two years old and, to mark the occasion, Konami Digital Entertainment has decided to celebrate with a special 2nd Anniversary Celebration campaign, which kicked off on Thursday 23rd May and will run until 8th June (here's what's new in Data Pack 5).0).

"Players who log in - reads the press release - will receive a 2nd Anniversary Celebration agent that will give access to legendary players of the Italian league including the iconic: Francesco Totti, Gabriel Batistuta and Paolo Maldini". It is no coincidence that the campaign's launch trailer features the famous Roma captain himself. The focus of the campaign is, after all, the Italian championship: from May 30 to June 8, other agents will allow to sign a player of the two famous football clubs in Milan.

There will also be a few extra in-game events featuring special agents and challenges: Legends (May 23rd to May 30th) provides a series of special agents that will allow players to sign players and legends of Italian teams; Italian League Tour (May 23rd to May 30th) is dedicated to the Italian league and players will have access to various training bonuses; VS National Teams (May 23rd to May 30th) allows access to special challenges with the Italian national team; VS Italian Clubs (May 23rd to May 30th) allows special challenges with Italian league teams. What are you waiting for?