U.S. Customs uses dark web to find hackers

The border agency, Immigration and Custom Enforcement, is reportedly engaged in policing the underground world of the web

Border Patrol normally controls borders, monitors ports and airports. They prevent illegal immigration and make sure nothing illegal crosses national thresholds. In the United States it also deals with the dark web.

According to the website Motherboard, the American customs are engaged in surveillance activities in the underground world of the net, looking for possible crimes. Always taking into consideration what the website writes, a section of the Department of Homeland Security would have given to some contractors 150 thousand dollars to monitor the dark web. In particular, the payments would have been sent to Flashpoint, a company that offers intelligence services to private and governmental entities. The company, in fact, provides its clients with access to information contained in illegal forums, digital drug markets and other areas of the dark web.

With law enforcement

In the United States, therefore, the Border Patrol conducts web monitoring activities with traditional law enforcement agencies. ICE - Immigration and Custom Enforcement - has recently conducted police operations against individuals involved in illegal activities carried out in the dark side of the web. And not only. The agency has also taken part in an awareness campaign aimed at making people aware of the potential risks they are exposing themselves to when they decide to make a purchase on the dark web. The U.S. Customs Police has also arrested a man for buying a potentially deadly substance on the deep web and stopped a potential killer offering his services on the internet.