Unicredit, problems with home banking: what’s going on

Since 20:00 on September 30, users have been reporting problems with Unicredit's home banking service: what's going on

Complicated evening for Unicredit users who are trying to complete online transactions: when you enter the codes of the key, a generic "security error" comes out and you can't make the transfer or payment. The first problems arose around 8pm on September 30, and no one has yet been able to complete a transaction.

On downdetector.com, which collects comments and complaints from users when a service or an app doesn't work, there are hundreds of reports. Reading the comments, the problem is the same for all of them: when entering the key code, the message "security error" is returned and the operation cannot be completed. Being the last day of the month, many people are online to make payments or transfers. For the moment there are no official statements from Unicredit, but the technicians are definitely working to solve the problem. We will continue to monitor the situation.

Update 23:00. The problem has been resolved