Unveiled the design of the iPhone 8: here’s how it will be

Online images have appeared that reveal the design of the iPhone 8: very thin bezels and power button put on the side

Other pieces are added to the puzzle of the iPhone 8. After discovering the size of the screen (5.8 inches) and the presence of a dual rear vertical camera (for augmented reality), Forbes reveals, thanks to exclusive images, even the design of the top of the range of Apple.

The iPhone 8 will have very thin bezels (only 4 millimeters) and the display will occupy more than 80% of the frontal space. The other big news concerns the Touch ID that, compared to the latest rumors that had assumed the presence of the biometric sensor in the back of the smartphone, will be placed under the screen, thanks to a new technology developed by Apple and that for the first time will be used on the iPhone 8. As for connectivity is confirmed the presence of a Lightning port with support for fast charging, while the 3.5mm audio jack will not be present.

How will the iPhone 8 be made

The iPhone 8, or iPhone of the Decade (for the name will have to wait for the official presentation that will take place by the end of September), will have an extreme design, very similar to what we have already seen with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the LG G6. Apple is called to completely revise the style of its smartphone if it wants to remain competitive in a sector that now draws more and more competitors. In addition, this year also marks the tenth anniversary of the release of the first iPhone and the Cupertino company wants to honor him in the best way. From indiscretions published by Forbes also come new information regarding the battery of the iPhone 8. To produce them will be LG and the shape should be L-shaped to allow Apple to revolutionize the design of the phone. On board the smartphone, users will find iOS 11 and the new applications for augmented reality, which is why the two rear photo sensors are positioned vertically.

Finally, the Forbes report also confirms the price of the iPhone 8: as announced in previous months will be more than 1000 euros, and for the top of the range version could get to touch even 1300 euros.