Used Smartphone: here are the checks to do before buying

Buying a second-hand Android device or iPhone can be a bargain but before completing the purchase it is better to do these checks

Are you interested in buying a used smartphone? Whether this is an iPhone or an Android there are a few checks to make before completing the purchase. If the used phone doesn't show major signs of wear and tear and is functional it can be a good deal.

First essential step: check the hardware on iOS. If we don't do this check we might end up with a very faulty camera or some dead pixels on the screen. Doing a manual check of the hardware can be very time consuming so there are several apps, both on iOS and Android, that can do it for us. To do the check on iPhone we use the ReGlobe app. Quest’app gratuita ci guiderà step-by-step per poi darci un rapporto completo. Al termine del controllo avremo anche una bozza di prezzo in base allo stato dello smartphone.

Controllo hardware smartphone Android

android-carattersitiche.jpgFonte foto: Pixels

Controllare sempre le caratteristiche dello smartphone

Se lo smartphone che stiamo per comprare è un Android usato possiamo affidarci all’app chiamata Doctor Plus. E lasciare che questa svolga per noi i controlli necessari. Doctor Plus testerà tra le altre cose anche le cuffie e il microfono, il giroscopio, il sensore di prossimità e il display. In generale è un’applicazione molto facile da usare e anche se non siete grandi esperti vi aiuterà parecchio nel futuro acquisto.

Controllo codice IMEI

Per evitare di comparare uno smartphone usato il controllo da fare è quello del codice IMEI. To perform this check we have to call from the smartphone the number *#06# and once we get the code we have to go to the home page of the IMEI Checker site and enter the code received. If the smartphone is in the black list it means that it was stolen. Although it must be said that many codes are considered "clean" incorrectly because the notification of the stolen device arrives, sometimes, a few days after the report.

Verify activation lock

Verifying the activation lock status is necessary, otherwise you may not be able to use your personal ID. For iPhone just go to iCloud and enter the IMEI code. This way we will know if the Find My iPhone feature is active. If it is we have to ask the seller to deactivate it. For Android, there is no direct method to figure out if the lock is active. We could try entering our Google ID, if this operation is impossible it means that the lock is active.

Check warranty status

This operation is related to the purchase of a used iPhone. To check the iPhone warranty status, just open the Apple webpage. Here, just type in the serial number of the iPhone and view the warranty status. For Android users, the warranty is usually two years and you can rely on an invoice with the IMEI code.