Vendetta: guerra nell’antimafia: the new Italian series on Netflix

A new all-Italian docuseries goes to enrich the catalog of the Netflix platform: produced by Nutopia in association with Mon amour Films

Vendetta: guerra nell'antimafia is one of the docuseries that goes to expand the offer of tales of the underworld in these weeks. After the return of Gomorra, which will have its fifth and final season that will be premiered during the CanneSeries, and Dangerous old people on Sky with the stories of criminals returning from prison, Vendetta:guerra nell'antimafia on Netflix.

The new docuseries Vendetta:guerra nell'antimafia is available from today on the Netflix platform and consists of six episodes. The preparation of this series began with an unprecedented study and accuracy. The research to develop the protagonists Pino Maniaci and Silvana Saguto were really deep, almost manic. The families of the protagonists, the legal teams and the Sicilian courtrooms have been heard, in addition to the countless accesses to the acts, to both archive and repertoire material. An enormous amount of work that has made Vendetta:guerra nell'antimafia a story faithful to the reality of the facts of a complex affair full of twists and turns.

The protagonists of Vendetta: guerra nell'antimafia

The events of Vendetta:guerra nell'antimafia revolve around the personal and procedural vicissitudes of two important personalities in the fight against the mafia who found themselves at a certain point in their lives in confused and controversial situations: accused of crimes that they themselves had been fighting for a lifetime. The protagonists are Pino Maniaci and Silvana Saguto.

Maniaci is a well-known journalist and television host for his station Telejato. During his programs he always gives full space to the fight against organized crime. Dall’altra abbiamo Silvana Saguto che da Presidente della sezione Misure di Prevenzione, è uno dei più importanti giudici in prima linea sulla lotta alla mafia in Sicilia.

Le vicende

Le storie dei due protagonisti si intrecciano nel 2013. Il giornalista, Maniaci, nelle sue inchieste approfondisce gravi episodi di corruzione proprio all’interno della sezione di Misure e Prevenzione e in particolare l’attenzione ricade proprio su Silvana Saguto. Maniaci punta il dito sulla Presidente accusandola di sequestro indebito di beni e di aver preso eccessivi denari per l’amministrazione degli stessi. Il tutto con la complicità del marito e di alcuni collaboratori. Almost as a reflex, Saguto accuses Maniaci of favoring the mafia that he himself attacked in the series of investigations carried out by his station.

In 2016, the Palermo Public Prosecutor's Office began investigating Pino Maniaci for his conduct that will be defined as the "method of pincer": a mechanism of defamation and extortion that Maniaci would have adopted against the underworld. His intent would have been to denigrate mafiosi and politicians, through his TV programs, in exchange for money.

In the same year Saguto was also investigated. There were 39 charges for her including corruption, abuse of office and embezzlement.

Both have always declared themselves innocent and victims of the Mafia. The docuseries concludes with the pronouncement of guilty verdicts for both.

The six-part docuseries is available starting today, Sept. 24, on the Netflix platform.