Vikings 6, when the new episodes of the TV series are released

The sixth and final season of the TV series will air on TIMVision and other platforms, including Netflix. We'll see it in late 2020

The TV series Vikings returns with a sixth season divided into two parts. The first part, up to the tenth episode, has already been aired, while the second and concluding one should be released in a few months. According to several rumors, the last episodes have been ready for some time and will debut in 2020.

The TV series is set between Scandinavia and some islands in the United Kingdom around the 9th century. The main character is the Viking warrior Ragnarr Loðbrók, played by Travis Fimmel, who, however, dies and leaves the reins mainly to his two sons Ivar and Bjorn. In Italy the first season aired on Rai 4 in 2014 while the following ones were broadcasted exclusively on the on demand platform TIMvision, but later they were also included on other platforms such as Netflix and NowTV. In a few months we will finally be able to know how the gripping series about the world of Vikings ends.

Viking 6 plot: what is it about?

Before the release of the sixth season, many hypotheses and anticipations related to the plot were spread. The creator of the TV series had revealed that the content would involve three worlds. Eli Lehrer summarized in broad strokes the main events that characterized the series, which evolved very freely following real historical facts. First of all, it started from the first Viking raids in England until the death of Ragnar Lothbrok at the hands of King Aelle and the battles of the Great Danish Army. After their father's death, two of his sons, Ivar and Bjorn struggle to take the throne.

At the end of season five, the two brothers have separated after the constant conflicts to get the crown. Ivar escapes to unknown territories, Bjorn becomes ruler of Kattegat. At his side he has his mother Lagertha and other family members. In the sixth season we will know better the figure of Ivar, less hard and more vulnerable and sensitive. We see him together with Vigrid, his bodyguard on a journey along the Silk Road, where they are captured by Prince Oleg The Prophet. However, Ivar and Oleg become friends and the latter tries to convince him to join the quest to reclaim King Harald's territory. The latter is captured by Oleg himself. Bjorn wants to run to the rescue of King Harald. In the last episodes we could see the resolution of this conflict and the final meeting between the two brothers, sons of the same father Ragnar.

When is Vikings 6 coming out?

Vikings 6 consists of a total of 20 episodes that are broadcast in two phases. The first part was broadcast on the Canadian channel History from December 4, 2019 to February 5, 2020, the second part will debut in 2020. In Italy it was broadcast on TIMVision, to which Netflix has also been added, where we find the first 10 episodes, in addition, of course, to all previous seasons. And also in our country the second part will debut within the year.

The exact date is not yet known, but it starts in November or December. Michael Hirst, writer and producer of the series, told Entertainment Tonight some time ago: "These are the best 20 episodes we've ever shot. Believe me, if you have tears to shed, be prepared to cry them when you watch season 6." All that remains is to wait to find out the fate of the two brothers and the old kingdom of Ragnarr Loðbrók.