VIPs and sportsmen: they all support eSports

From Francesco Totti to Drake: here are all the VIPs who have decided to invest in the world of eSports

The business that revolves around eSports is appealing to everyone.

Not only to the sponsors who are now fighting for the most prestigious tournaments investing exponential amounts, but also and above all to the well-known personalities of the entertainment world and, more than ever, to the sportsmen who see in e-sports a new life and competitive career.

In Italy, the most recent and most famous example is that of Francesco Totti who, in agreement with the Virtual Pro League, has launched the Totti Championship, a FIFA 19 tournament. But no one can beat the determination of Fernando Alonso: the Formula 1 champion has in fact founded his own FA Racing team, in collaboration with Veloce Esports and Logitech G.

Even former NBA champions have thrown themselves headlong into the greedy world of eSports. Just think of Rick Fox - founder of Echo Fox, a multi-sports club that competes in various video game tournaments - and Earvin Magic Johnson, who invested $15 million in the company Super League Gaming, organizer of various tournaments. Among the non-sportsmen, the name that more than any other circulates in the videogame environment is that of Drake. The rapper has in fact invested in 100 Thieves, eSports reality founded by Matthew Haag.