Virtual wallpapers for video calls arrive on Zoom for Android

The new version of Zoom for Android devices arrives with important news: you can use virtual wallpapers for video calls

The Zoom app gets a makeover for Android devices, offering a number of new and interesting features for users. The video conferencing app is now one of the most popular, thanks in part to the Covid-19 pandemic that marked a boom in downloads and usage between video lessons for school or business meetings.

One of Zoom's most appreciated features for those who work remotely is definitely the ability to add virtual backgrounds during the video call, so as to maintain a minimum of privacy. A feature that for a long time was only available for Desktop users. With version 5.3 of the app on the Google Play Store, the function also arrives for those who have an Android device, along with other very interesting features to improve the quality of video calls. Bad news for Chromebook users, however: the app is no longer compatible with Chrome OS.

Zoom, virtual wallpapers for video calls on Android

Version 5.3.52640.0920 of the Zoom app is already available for Android devices and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The big revolution mainly concerns the arrival of virtual wallpapers for video calls, which will prove particularly useful for the user who, while working from home, does not want to share their private environment with work colleagues or clients in videocalls.

Zoom, what else is new in the Android app

The developers of Zoom have fixed bugs and problems with Rooms, improved the Advanced Search system and added new features. A very useful one is sharing the audio of a phone call directly during the video call, thus eliminating any reverberations from the microphone. Also improved is the synchronization of the calendar integration, so you can access the next meeting without having to click on the referral URL, and the scheduling default settings.

As for meetings, the latest version of the app allows you to automatically select the Room for defined groups of people. News has also arrived for chat, with improved link preview and the ability to hide chatbots in the instant messaging list.