Virus, beware of the false survey of the Ministry of the Interior

In these days are turning some false e-mails inviting the user to participate in a survey of the Ministry of the Interior on Ius Soli, but it is a virus

A new scam is turning in these hours on the Net. To raise the alarm is the official account of the State Police on Facebook "Commissariato di PS Online - Italia", always very active in reporting scams and cases of phishing. In this case, it is a phishing attack, i.e. the sending of emails through an address that seems to be that of a government agency, but actually differs in some letters.

This time, the scammers have used the logo and an email address of the Ministry of Interior. The users who received this email were supposed to answer a survey about Ius Soli, one of the most debated topics of the last election campaign. Hackers always use popular topics for their phishing campaigns, so that the chances of the email being read are higher.

What the message says

In the email, the user is invited to click on a link to participate in a survey on Ius Soli. To entice users to press, it is promised that there is a chance to compete for a cash prize. But the signs that this is a scam are many. First of all, the email addresses from which the email is sent. These are addresses that have already been the subject of other phishing campaigns in the past and that were hiding viruses and malware. The aim of the scammers is to infect the user's device and steal personal data.

How to defend yourself

The only way to defend yourself against this type of scam is not to click on the links in the text of the email. These are malicious links ready to install viruses and malware on your devices. Moreover, we would like to remind you that government bodies like the Ministry of Internal Affairs hardly promote surveys on such important issues and in case they do not do it through an email. When you receive such a message, trash it instantly.