Visibilità online: perché è importante e come usarla per il proprio brand

Ampliare il bacino di potenziali clienti richiede al giorno d’oggi anche campagne di visibilità online efficaci: come usarle per far conoscere il proprio brand


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Un concetto si fa sempre più strada nelle strategie di marketing di ogni azienda: incrementare la visibilità online del brand. Il motivo è presto detto: una solida presenza online, che valorizzi i servizi e i prodotti offerti, permette di farsi conoscere e di ampliare il bacino di potenziali clienti.

Ma cos’è una campagna di visibilità online e come realizzarla? In order to gain visibility, as it already happens, it is necessary to advertise online and plan an effective advertising campaign. The objective is to talk to all those who might be interested in the products and services offered by your brand, spreading your message through banner ads. There are two factors for success: identifying the target audience of your business, so as to choose the most effective means of communication, and combining your advertising with high-level content. A banner ad placed on a reliable website with a high rate of traffic means increasing the chances of intercepting potential new customers and converting their interest into a purchase.

Online visibility campaign: why it is useful

Before going into detail on how to effectively create a campaign that allows a brand to increase its online visibility, it is necessary to understand why it is so important and what are the factors of its success. Every day, consumers visit information and entertainment websites on the Internet, whether for business, personal leisure or private needs.

The next brand customer could be among those surfing the web. By using ad-hoc banner ads that are placed on sites that offer high-level content and are trusted, you can not only intercept the needs of a potential customer, but also improve your brand reputation. Today more than ever, with word-of-mouth on the web beating word-of-mouth in the streets, having online visibility and a reliable reputation will allow you to achieve the marketing objectives of your business.

Online visibility campaign: how to do it

When we talk about an online visibility campaign, we are basically talking about an advertising campaign. On the other hand, consolidating one's online presence also means increasing the conversion rate: a well-intercepted interest and a well-positioned banner will allow you to reach a new customer who didn't know he needed the brand's service or product yet.

For the campaign to be effective, it must be planned taking into account two fundamental parameters. The first is the target audience: knowing their age, habits and geographical location will allow you to direct the advertising campaign only to customers who are really interested in the brand, as well as defining the most suitable type of banner: from the simple box on the site to the video, also choosing when to publish it and where. In this way, you will be able to optimize the investment in advertising to get the maximum profit.

The other key factor is the publishers, i.e. the sites where the banners will be published. Their choice is even more important in order to associate the brand with a site that is considered reliable and that publishes topics related to the interests of the potential client, also consolidating the positive reputation of the brand. There are services tailored for small and medium-sized companies, professionals and craftsmen who do not have a marketing department ready to evaluate all the components of an effective advertising campaign, such as Visibilità Network by Italiaonline. These services allow you to choose the most suitable banners for your selected audience, choose a network of reliable publishers and manage all aspects of the advertising campaign with the help of experts, guiding the brand to the achievement of its objectives.