Vita da Carlo: Verdone’s declarations on the series

Carlo Verdone is back on the screens but this time with a streaming television series that recounts his life with his usual irony. The series entitled Vita da Carlo (Life of Carlo) was presented at the Special Event of the Rome Film Festival and the protagonist talks about himself and his new work as an actor and director.

The series is divided into 10 episodes in which Verdone talks about his life in an autobiographical and ironic way, bringing to the stage his most private dimension, his lifelong friends, his "passion" for medicine and pharmacy, as well as anecdotes such as his proposal to run for mayor of Rome. During the presentation of the series at the Rome Film Festival, the actor and director made several statements, defining the new series "a scary and exhausting job, but it was worth it". A journey through his life, divided between public and private image, accompanied by those who know him and love him, even the neighborhood pharmacists.

Vita da Carlo: plot and cast

Ten episodes of 30 minutes: the life of Carlo Verdone is summarized in this way by the director and actor himself. Vita da Carlo recounts the public image of Verdone, a generous and helpful man, which alternates with a frugal private life marked by a rigid routine. His time is spent among his affections, such as his family and friends, in the neighborhood pharmacy, where he blossoms in love with a pharmacist. There are also anecdotes that actually happened that Verdone fictionalizes in his unusual autobiography, such as the time when he was offered the chance to become the mayor of Rome.

Vita da Carlo: Verdone's words

The first four episodes of Vita da Carlo were presented at the Rome Film Festival and the actor commented: "When I agreed to launch into Vita da Carlo, I said to myself: 'let's see if I can have more freedom than in the movies', and so I did. When you write for television, the times are much more dilated, so you don't get to give in to the anxiety of the comedic or more intimate moment. Incredibly, we wrote ten episodes in two months."

And he added, "We were very fit, and the more they went on, the more motivated we were. I liked that there was a lot of my personal life in it, and that allowed me to act in a more sincere, true, intimate way. I went on with great naturalness and serenity."

On the anecdote of the candidacy for mayor of Rome, Verdone says: "They proposed it to me, but it took me 30 minutes to refuse. I only know how to do one job. If you take away cinema and writing, you take away everything."

Vita da Carlo: cast and where to see it

Among the actors we also find Max Tortora, Anita Caprioli, Monica Guerritore, Antonio Bann├▓, Caterina De Angelis, Filippo Contri, Giada Benedetti, Maria Paiato, Claudia Potenza and Andrea Pennacchi.

The series is directed by Verdone and Arnaldo Catinare, while the subject and screenplay were written by Verdone, Nicola Guaglianone, Menotti, Pasquale Plastino, Ciro Zecca, Luca Mastrogiovanni. The production is Filmauro of Aurelio De Laurentiis and Luigi De Laurentiis for the Amazon Original catalog.

The series Vita da Carlo is available starting November 5 on Amazon's Prime Video platform.

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