Vivo Nex S, the borderless smartphone also arrives in Italy

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer will present the new Nex and Nex S line on June 12, 2018. Here are the main features and availability

Even if at the moment it tells you little, Vivo will soon be a name you will keep in mind when you have to buy a smartphone. The Chinese manufacturer, after having strengthened its position in the Asian market, is preparing to land in Europe, including Italy.

The next June 12, in fact, will remove the veils from the Vivo Nex and Vivo Nex S, top of the range smartphones characterized by unique specifications and design choices. The two devices, in fact, will both have a 6.59-inch screen with no edges, or almost. In fact, the designers have opted for a full screen design, with a thin border at the bottom of the device and then just pixels. To achieve this result it was necessary to adopt very particular stylistic choices, which could soon be adopted by other manufacturers.

Technical Specifications Vivo Nex S

The next top of the range Vivo will have, as mentioned, a 6.59-inch display with FullHD+ resolution (2316×1080 pixels and 19:9 aspect ratio) under which will find space the SoC Snapdragon 845, the GPU Adreno 630 and 8 gigabytes of RAM. In short, the best the mobile market has to offer today. There will be no lack of 3.5mm audio jack, dual rear camera (12-megapixel main sensor, 5-megapixel secondary sensor) and all the motion sensors of the case. The peculiarities of the technical card Vivo Nex S, however, are other. To make room for the display, in fact, Vivo had to "eliminate" the space dedicated to the front camera and the fingerprint sensor. Which, of course, are not gone: the front camera of the Vivo Nex S is hidden in the body and can be "extracted" thanks to a spring cart. The fingerprint sensor, however, is drowned in the screen: you just need to place your finger in a particular area of the display to unlock the device.

Technical specifications Vivo Nex

The technical specifications Vivo Nex does not change much. Compared to the technical specifications of the Vivo Nex S, the "smaller" of the two Chinese smartphones will mount the new Snapdragon 710, supported by the Adreno 616 graphics accelerator and 6 gigabytes of RAM. The fingerprint scanner, moreover, will be mounted in the rear and not drowned in the screen. For the rest, the two devices are specular, mounting the same motion sensors, the same photo sensors (with a retractable front camera) and audio jack.

Availability and Price in Italy Vivo Nex S and Vivo Nex

As mentioned the Vivo Nex will be presented in China on June 12, 2018 and in the following weeks both the Nex and the Nex S will find market space also in many European countries, including Italy. The colors already announced are red, black and blue. For the price, however, there are still no official figures, but it is likely that the Vivo Nex S touches and exceeds 1000 euros while the Nex "standard" could have a price between 750 and 800 euros.