Vodafone and Ho.Mobile down, problems in Liguria and Northern Italy

Vodafone and ho-mobile are down since 15:00 on November 24 in Liguria and Northern Italy. The fault is the bad weather that is hitting this area of Italy

From 15:00 on November 24, the fixed and mobile network of Vodafone and ho-mobile, the virtual operator created by Vodafone itself, is not working. The inefficiencies are concentrated in Liguria and in the North of Italy and the reason is quite simple to explain: the bad weather that is scourging in these hours this area of the Bel Paese. Landslides, landslides, flooding that are putting on his knees the north-east of Italy.

Most likely some landslide or landslide must have caused damage to the Vodafone network and sent down the signal. Many are reporting the disruption on social networks and on downdetector.it, a website that collects reports from users when a service or an application does not work. The comments of users are all very similar: the Vodafone network is down and you can neither call nor surf the Internet. Problems also for those for the fixed network. Some users have managed to hear the Vodafone 190 customer service and have assured that technicians are at work: the problem will be solved in the coming hours, taking into account the bad weather.

Why Vodafone and Ho.Mobile are not working on November 24 in Liguria

Vodafone is down in most of Liguria and in some neighboring areas of Piedmont. The problem affects the mobile network and also the fixed network of the telephone operator. As far as the mobile network is concerned, users can only make emergency calls due to the complete absence of the signal that does not allow either to make phone calls or to surf the Internet. The reasons for the Vodafone down are quite clear: bad weather. On this occasion the operator has no fault: for more than 24 hours Liguria has been hit by cloudbursts and storms that are putting a strain on the population and also on the infrastructure. Some landslide or landslide must have hit the Vodafone network and sent down the signal.

Some users have called the Vodafone 190 customer service and have had confirmation that technicians are already working to solve the inefficiency. Within the next 48-72 hours everything should be back to normal. We will keep you informed.