Vodafone down today in Rome, what’s happening

Vodafone is not working in Rome. Since 11 am this morning, users in the capital complain of malfunctions both on the home line and on the mobile line. According to the reports that can be found online, both on social networks as well as on industry portals such as DownDetector, Vodafone is down for both mobile and fixed line users. In short, for the British operator's loyalists, it's been a nightmarish morning.

In particular, users living and working in the central-northern area of Rome are affected by the fault. The highest number of reports comes from the Parioli, Africano, Prati and Nomentana districts. Analyzing the map of Down Detector, it turns out that other problems are also recorded in some cities in northern Italy, such as Milan and Brescia. In this case, however, it seems that the problem is not related to the Roman one. As Vodafone makes known "There has been a temporary inefficiency on the mobile and fixed network in the central-northern area of Rome. Our technicians are working to promptly resolve the problem and verify the causes. We apologize for the inconvenience".

In reflection, the problem also affects the users of MVNOs that rely on Vodafone's network. For example, Ho. Mobile is down, as well as Poste Mobile, Uno Mobile and other virtual operators that exploit the radio links of the British operator.

Vodafone down July 29 in Rome: what we know

As confirmed by the same operator, the problem is known and since about 1 pm technicians are working to repair the fault. As communicated by Vodafone, the intervention has been concluded in a positive way and since 15:00 the service disruption can be considered closed.

The problem localized in a specific area of the Capital suggests a failure of the telephone exchange of the area, from which both the data of the mobile connection and those of the fixed telephony transit. It can be assumed, for example, that there has been a problem with a fiber backbone, which has suddenly isolated entire neighborhoods of the city of Rome.