Vodafone gives away unlimited Gigs and minutes after the down in Liguria

For customers affected by yesterday's Vodafone outage a rather interesting gift. A week of free Internet and calls

The strong bad weather that hit Liguria and other areas of our country yesterday has also had repercussions on cellular and fixed networks. In particular, the Vodafone network was down where the rain fell more copiously.

As of 15:00, Vodafone was down in almost all of Liguria but also in some areas on the border between Piedmont and Liguria. Minor disruptions also in other areas of Italy. Vodafone reported that the major disruptions, those in Liguria, were due to the weather emergency and the collapse of the viaduct on the A6 Torino-Savona freeway (which probably prevented Vodafone technicians from accessing the broken repeaters). Today, however, Vodafone tries to forgive itself with a gift to the users affected by the inefficiencies that, all things considered, can be considered more than sufficient given the fact that Vodafone, in this case, has very few faults. Less understandable, however, the choice not to compensate even the customers of the virtual operator ho.mobile.

Vodafone: the SMS to customers

The telephone operator has sent an SMS to some of its customers who have experienced inefficiencies. The SMS states that the "Exceptional weather conditions and the collapse of the viaduct on the Turin-Savona freeway have seriously impacted the communication networks, causing a temporary inefficiency in Liguria". The Vodafone mobile network in Liguria was back in operation only at 18:30, the fixed network only after midnight. It was not possible to solve the problems before, as Vodafone itself explains, also due to the security constraints imposed by the Civil Protection.

Disruptions Vodafone: the gift of the operator

Faced with a day of lack of service, the telephone operator has decided to give a week's bonus to its users. Those who received the SMS from Vodafone, in fact, saw themselves activated for free for a week Giga and unlimited minutes.

Ho.Mobile: no gift

Of course, the inefficiencies have not only affected Vodafone users, but also those of ho.mobile. The virtual phone operator, in fact, is part of the Vodafone group and uses the Vodafone network. At the moment, however, there are no compensatory gifts to the users of this operator.