Vodafone, goodbye to some premium services: what are they

The British operator wants to discontinue support for several charging methods as early as the next few hours. Possible to speculate the launch of new ones

The last few weeks have certainly not been the best for Vodafone users. Both fixed line and mobile users have received several pieces of news they would have done without. On the tariffs front, the British operator has decided to unilaterally increase the costs of monthly subscriptions for landline, home Internet and mobile telephony.

Today, however, comes the rumor that the global telecommunications giant would like to close some premium services particularly appreciated by Italian users. The news has been relaunched by the web site MondoMobileWeb and, at the moment, is classifiable as an indiscretion. Usually, however, the editors of the information portal dedicated to the world of mobile telephony are always very well informed and it is very likely that the rumors correspond to the real intentions of Vodafone.

Vodafone SOS Mi ricarichi? and SOS ti ricarico: what happens

The services on which the axe should fall Vodafone are "SOS Mi ricarichi?" and "SOS Ti ricarico", services particularly useful in times of difficulty. The first, in fact, made it possible to ask another Vodafone user with a subscription or rechargeable SIM to "give up" part of their credit, so that they could top up their own. The second, on the other hand, made it possible to "surrender" credit to another Vodafone number who had run out of money. The deactivation should take place in these hours, as confirmed by the "disappearance" of the pages dedicated to the services from the Vodafone website.

This, however, would not be the only news regarding the recharge services of the red operator. Vodafone itself, in fact, is advising users that from the end of September it will no longer be possible to use the Ricarica+ service and that to top up your phone number you can always use the app for Android or iOS.

In short, Vodafone is somewhat revolutionizing its top-up services, eliminating some tools that are now old or no longer used. It is possible to speculate that, starting in October, new recharge modes will be introduced to replace those no longer available.