Vodafone not working July 11, what’s going on

Since Wednesday morning, Vodafone users can neither call nor surf the Internet. Affected mainly the regions of northern Italy

There is no peace for Italian mobile operators. After the malfunction that yesterday has affected thousands of users of 3 Italia throughout the Peninsula, today is the turn of Vodafone. Since the late morning of Wednesday, July 11, the industry portals (Down Detector above all) and Twitter have been full of reports from users of the British telephone operator.

Exactly as happened with 3 Italia, also the owners of a Vodafone SIM card can neither make calls or send SMS, nor surf online. Many users, in fact, complain about the total absence of the signal, which makes the smartphone practically useless. The Vodafone downfall also directly affects Ho Mobile, the MVNO that relies on the British operator's cellular network. At the moment, it is still difficult to understand the reasons why Vodafone is not working, but it is possible to assume a malfunction at one of the control centers in Northern Italy.

Looking at the Down Detector map, in fact, it is possible to see that the problems have mainly affected the major cities in the north, while the areas of Central and Southern Italy are in fact "immune" from Vodafone down. The technicians of the British giant, however, are already at work and it is not to be excluded that the situation will return to normal within a short time.

Vodafone down on July 11, what we know

At the moment, Vodafone has not issued any statement nor released any declaration regarding the malfunctioning of its cellular network. As mentioned, however, it is possible to hypothesize that the failure that has sent down Vodafone concerns some control and management center in the north of Italy and that, as a chain, has sent KO the various control units of the area. In short, a large-scale failure that, however, seems to be heading towards resolution.

In fact, several users are reporting a return to normal, a sign that Vodafone's technical intervention teams are on the field and are trying to solve the problem as quickly as possible.