Vodafone remodulation: from today, increases are triggered on the fixed network

The operator has started a campaign of tariff increases that will go on several months. To compensate, users will receive 30 free gigabytes on the SIM

After TIM, Vodafone also raises the price of its fixed network offers: as of yesterday, July 7, 2019, a price increase of 2.99 euros per month has in fact been triggered. The remodulation of tariffs will take place at the first useful renewal, does not affect all customers and will be followed by further remodulations from July until September.

With this remodulation will suffer the increase in the monthly price those who have activated the offers Internet Unlimited, Internet Unlimited +, Internet & TV Sport, Vodafone One and Vodafone One Pro TV in the period between March 25, 2018 and November 30, 2018. Those who signed the contract before and after these dates keep the current price. But remember that there was already a remodulation last year, in November, for customers pre March 25, 2018. For everyone, however, the contractual change involves an increase in expenditure of 2.99 euros per month and is accompanied by a compensation offer, which concerns, however, not the fixed network but the mobile one.

Other remodulations coming

If the remodulation of July 7 will come into action only at the next renewal, it must be said that other price increases will soon arrive for Vodafone customers. It starts on July 23 with TeleTu customers, and then returns to Vodafone customers on August 1 (activations pre March 25, 2018). Between July 23 and September 22, some customers with phone-only subscriptions will also undergo remodulations.

Compensations on SIM

To partially compensate for the increase in the price of the fixed network subscription, Vodafone is offering its customers the opportunity to activate the Extra 30 Giga promotion on their Vodafone SIM: that is, 30 gigs of free data per month indefinitely on the 4.5G network. This promotion must be requested by October 15, 2019, through a special page on Vodafone's website.

Remodulations for investments

Vodafone says that the contractual changes, and the consequent increase in the monthly price paid by users, are a necessity: they will serve to cover the costs of new investments on the network and to increase the quality of existing services.

How to refuse remodulation

As provided by the regulations, the customer can refuse contract remodulation without paying penalties or decommissioning costs. It can do so until the last day of validity of the previous economic conditions, by sending a registered letter to Vodafone customer service or a PEC to [email protected]. Or by calling customer service and talking to an operator or by filling out the appropriate form in a physical Vodafone store.