Vodafone, with the new Giga Ricarica 10 everything changes: how it works

Vodafone launches the new cut Giga Ricarica 10. You pay 10 euros, but you only get 9 euros of traffic and 3GB of data. Activated from October 15

After the Giga Ricarica 5, from October 15 comes Vodafone's Giga Ricarica 10: with 10 euros we receive 9 euros of traffic and 3GB of data, to use for a month. Vodafone, therefore, adds a new recharge with mandatory promotion that is automatically deactivated.

The Giga Ricarica 10 goes to replace the standard 10 euro recharge, with 10 euros of traffic, currently on the market. It will be sold in the same outlets: bars, tobacconists, newsstands, SisalPay and Lottomatica points and also Autogrill. The offer that is automatically activated with this recharge provides that the GB of traffic are additional, and not replacement, compared to those already provided by the tariff plan previously chosen by the user. Vodafone's move to replace standard top-ups with those accompanied by a compulsory promotion follows what TIM has already done with its Ricarica+. From October 15, 5 and 10 euro top-ups with equivalent credit are only available online: from the MyVodafone app and the operator's official website, as well as from online banks and ATMs and Postamat.

Giga Ricarica 10: how it works

Vodafone's Giga Ricarica 10 costs 10 euro and offers 9 euro of phone traffic. The remaining euro is used to activate the compulsory promotion to have 3 GB of data to use within a month from the recharge. At the end of the month the promotion is automatically deactivated. After recharging with Giga Ricarica 10, the customer receives two SMS alerts: the first is related to the recharge of 9 euros of credit, the second is related to the activation of additional data traffic. At the end of the month you will receive a final SMS confirming the deactivation of the mandatory promotion. If we make two Giga 10 recharges in a single day, the data of the promotions will be added together, while if we do it on two different days they will not. So, doing two Giga Ricarica 10 today we will have 18 euros of traffic and 6 GB of data to use in the next thirty days. If we do one Giga Ricarica 10 today and one tomorrow, we'll have 18 euros of traffic and 3 GB of data that will expire one month after the date of the second recharge.

Coming is a 13 euro Vodafone recharge

In addition to the Giga Ricarica 5 and the Giga Ricarica 10, there's also a new Vodafone recharge cut that could arrive as early as October 15: the 13 euro recharge. This top-up cut would serve users who have subscribed to promotions costing less than 15 euros and who, with a 20 euro top-up, would find themselves with additional credit of little use in everyday life.