Vue, the glasses of the future with GPS that take photos and make calls

They look like normal glasses, but they're smarter than they appear at first glance. What's their secret?

Glasses that are intentionally inconspicuous, if it weren't for a series of hi-tech features that transform them into earphones, devices to monitor physical activity and the ability to interact with the smartphone to receive and transmit information from applications.

Nothing as sensational as the visors that have been depopulated lately by strokes of augmented reality, virtual or crowded with holograms like Microsoft HoloLens. The Vue glasses offer, in a single solution, ultra-tested technologies that serve to simplify everyday life, as well as improve eyesight. Non è più necessario portare con sé cuffie o auricolari per ascoltare la musica mentre si passeggia o per telefonare, e neanche l’immancabile fitness tracker per controllare quanti chilometri o passi si sono fatti durante la giornata. I Vue fanno tutto questo, e molto altro ancora.

Un successo immediato su Kickstarter

vue-occhiali-interna.jpgFonte foto: Web

Le funzionalità degli occhiali Vue

Gli occhiali Vue non hanno avuto il tempo di approdare su Kickstarter che hanno già raggiunto i fondi necessari per essere prodotti. Ci sarà pure un motivo per tutto questo interesse? Non è sicuramente dovuto alla presenza di fotocamere e neanche di applicazioni dedicate alla realtà aumentata o virtuale. I Vue si presentano con un design tutt’altro che appariscente, pur offrendo una serie di funzionalità molto utili. They are able to function as headphones and earphones with bone conduction technology, therefore, through vibrations that offer greater safety because they do not completely isolate the wearer from the reality that surrounds them. If a car arrives, in short, you make time to move. They connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and transmit music or allow you to make a phone call thanks to the integrated microphone.

Many useful functions for work and leisure

The Vue glasses are not only connected to the cell phone to listen to music or chat with someone but, through the app installed on the smartphone, they offer other interesting options. Such as, for example, listening to the road indications coming from the navigator, checking your physical activity, receiving information on the day's commitments, and taking a photo with your cell phone without using the auto-shooter because all it takes is a touch on the rod. A double touch tells the time. And it is impossible to lose them because the smartphone finds them immediately thanks to the integrated GPS. A discreet led light, moreover, warns when a message or an email is coming. The battery lasts a week and recharges wirelessly. It should not be forgotten that they are glasses, real glasses because they allow you to mount prescription lenses, sunglasses, progressive or polarized. And they are very light - only 28 grams - and water resistant. How much do they cost? They are not yet on sale, but you can pre-order them on Kickstarter at a price starting from 159 dollars. They won't arrive, however, until July of next year.