WannaCry on Android: it’s a scam. The virus only affects Windows

Some cyber criminals have created fake paid anti-WannaCry solutions on Android devices, but it's a scam

WannaCry has become a real business. We are not only talking about the earnings generated from ransom demands for encrypted files but also from the paid solutions specifically designed to defend users from ransomware. Beware though, the solutions offered for Android devices are nothing but a scam.

How to understand that Android smartphone security offers are a scam? Simple, WannaCry only affected Windows devices so any security offers related to ransomware virus on Android devices is nothing but a scam. The media hype generated by WannaCry was very important, also because of the over 300,000 infected devices in more than 150 countries all over the world. The panic generated by the virus was exploited by some cyber criminals to create fake solutions designed against malware for notebooks, smartphones and tablets running Google OS.

Scams and infections

In addition to the damage, there is also the mockery. Some of the fake solutions to save Android smartphones from WannaCry, in fact, besides serving absolutely no purpose, also have some malicious code inside them. As the McAfee company explains, several paid security apps instead of protecting the device from ransomware lead to the constant display of unwanted advertisements. In other words, they are nothing more than adware, or software designed to display unwanted and often invasive ads. This discovery is yet another low blow for Google and the security of its Play Store. The U.S. company will have to increase its controls in the future to avoid this kind of scam.