Watch out for silent calls: what the final Goodbye means

A large number of Italian users are receiving strange calls from unknown call centers. What's behind it? Here's the explanation

Have you received a call and on the other side of the phone you can't hear anyone? Don't worry, you're not the only one. There are more and more people who every day are forced to disentangle themselves from the continuous and punctual calls of the call centers, which have become more and more annoying and inconvenient.

At lunch, dinner, and in some cases even at night, there is no respite for users, also forced to put up with the arrogance of some operators. And, then, there is also the danger of being cheated: "Are you Mr. Caio?". "Yes, I am". And here we are with a nice contract, just for having answered the call. But there is a new phenomenon, which is raging in Italy and that once again has as protagonists always them: the call centers. Many people, in fact, have begun to receive strange calls, in which no one speaks. At the end, in these calls you only hear the classic English greeting, "Goodbye".

What is hiding behind the silent calls

Obviously, many people have begun to wonder what is hiding behind the silent calls, especially worried about going to meet some good scam. What does Goodbye even mean? The mystery thickens. Someone, however, has tried to give a logical explanation to this new telephone nuisance, common in other European countries and beyond. In practice, the call centers would call all contacts in the list and answer only to those who have "picked up the phone".

If during all these silent calls no operator is available to get in touch with the user who answered, here is that the system automatically ends the call, starting the "worrying" "Goodbye". For now, therefore, if you have also received such a call, you can rest assured.