Waze tells you how much it costs to travel on the highway

With the new Waze update it will be possible to find out the price of the highway toll in advance: here's how it works

Waze, the famous free application dedicated to road navigation for Android, iOS and Windows Phone smartphones owes its success to the strong social component that has differentiated it over time from its competitors, so much so that, following the huge success obtained after its release, it was purchased in 2013 by Google, its main competitor.

With Waze users can share in real time a series of useful information such as traffic status, the presence of any accidents, the price of gasoline, the presence or absence of speed cameras and much more. Now the application is updated with an important new feature: the cost of the highway toll. When a user looks for directions to get to a place, if the route has a toll charge, the application will show the price.

Waze introduces the cost of tolls

With the next update it will be possible to know the cost of tolls on roads and highways. The users of the Waze community will be the ones to insert this data, as it already happens for all the information uploaded and shared by the Wazers. This is a very useful information for those who are about to make a long trip by car. As information entered and updated by the users, as it happens for all the reports in Waze, to be correct we can't speak of real price, but of an estimate of the expected cost of the toll.

Waze: always one step ahead

This new feature will be introduced for now only in the United States and Canada. Only later will it be made available to the rest of the world, but currently Big G has not yet released any statement about it. The new update comes after the news spread a few weeks ago about Waze support for Google Assistant. New features that further enrich the famous app dedicated to navigation.