We are who we are: what Guadagnino’s new TV series is about

The director of Call Me By Your Name is coming to streaming with a TV series broadcast on Sky and NOW TV. Here are the details

We are who we are is the new hit series signed by Luca Guadagnino and broadcast on Sky Atlantic and streaming on NOW TV. For many viewers this is a real event, because it is the first episodic show directed by the director of Call Me by Your Name, a successful Italian film nominated for an Oscar.

The story focuses on the world of young people, their relationship with growing up and with their parents, but also talks about rainbow families and gender identity. The TV series takes a snapshot of contemporary society through a plot full of food for thought: it all starts from two teenagers living in an Italian American base with their respective families. This is an important Italian-American production, where we find an international cast, including Chloƫ Sevigny, who has already starred in Boys don't Cry as Lana Tisdel, receiving several awards, including a Golden Globe. In short, the ingredients for a quality product are all there.

What is it about We are who we are: the plot

The story is set in an American military base located in Chioggia, Veneto, characterized by limits and balances, which are put in danger with the arrival of a teenager, Fraser and his rainbow family formed by two mothers, Sarah who is the new commander of the base and Maggie, engaged instead as a military nurse in the nearby clinic.

Fraser feels like a fish out of water: at the age of fourteen, he is uprooted from his city, New York and plunged into a small Italian town. He is very shy and has a passion for fashion, while he has a hatred for the entire military world. Inside the base, however, he meets a girl Caitlin who will become his best friend.

She is struggling with the evolution of her body, which takes on more and more feminine traits, which she finds hard to accept. Fraser, above all, will support her in her journey of growth and discovery, helping her to understand what her gender identity is. So the title, We are who we are, evokes the common thread of the whole series, the importance of discovering, accepting and being oneself.

We are who we are: the cast

Guadagnino, besides being the director of the series, is also the showrunner. The plot is written by the director together with Paolo Giordano, Francesca Manieri and is produced by Lorenzo Mieli and Mario Gianani.

Each episode the viewers will discover a story and a cast composed of talented performers. We begin with Chloƫ Sevigny, who plays a strong and determined woman, promoted as the new commander of the American military base in Italy. Next to her, stands Alice Braga, in the role of Maggie, his wife.

The protagonists, however, are two boys, Jack Dylan Grazer, who plays Fraser, a shy teenager from New York who must suddenly adapt to a new life in the American base in Italy. Jordan Kristine Seamon instead plays Caitlin. The girl is at her debut in television, but has already received a huge following after the broadcast of the first episode of the series.

In the cast we also find Francesca Scorsese, Martin Scorsese's daughter, who plays the role of Britney. Alongside them will be Ben Taylor (who plays Sam), Kim Cudi (Richard), Sebastiano Pigazzi (Enrico), Corey Knight (Craig) and Faith Alabi (Jenny). It's a choral cast, made up of many other talented actors, who work together to create a show that is rich in insights and nuance.

Where to watch We are who we are streaming

The series is among Sky and Now Tv's October 2020 new releases. It can be seen on Sky Atlantic, channel 110 of the Sky decoder. The first two episodes were broadcast on October 9. Every Friday at 21:15 it will be possible to watch two new episodes, for a total of eight. The last episode is scheduled for October 30. Any episode can be caught up thanks to the service's on-demand feature.

Currently, you can watch We are who we are streaming on Sky Go and NOW TV.