Web sites and resources for editing images for free

You can find many photo editing sites on the internet: they are easy to use and accessible from any device. Here are the best ones

To edit images there are several programs, although in these cases the thought immediately runs to Photoshop, the absolute leader in the field of photo editing. In reality, in addition to alternative software to the Adobe "tool", it is also possible to resort to other solutions: websites.

Usually, the practice put into practice by most users, when it comes to editing a photograph, is to refer to one of the many freeware or shareware programs available on the internet. However, it is not always the case that these programs are the right choice. Especially if the characteristics of your computer are not adequate. The reason is quite simple: editing programs need a discrete graphics card and a lot of RAM. If you install them on a PC or on devices with limited specifications, therefore, they risk not working. They are also a bit complicated.

Online, on the other hand, you can find many resources with which to edit images with ease. What's more, they are accessible from any device, even the less powerful ones. All you need is an internet connection. Here are some of the most used web platforms.


Let's start with Piccy. It is a very easy to use photo editing website. The platform has many features with which to dabble in editing your favorite images. It also does not require any registration. With Piccy you can, in addition to the classic changes (cutting and resizing, rotation), add effects to images, change the background, insert text and even create photo collages.


An excellent alternative to heavy and complicated programs is Picozu. This is still an image editing website. It is complete and provides many tools, including video tutorials and tips. To use it, just log on to the site and import the image from your computer. Very interesting - and also useful - are the numerous filters, divided by category.


Continuing with the online photo editing tools, we also find Sumopaint, a program that has nothing to envy to the previous solutions. On the left is a rich menu that includes many tools to edit images. Sumopaint includes numerous features, similar to those found only in editing software. In fact, the website lets you add effects and filters, balance the color of your images and much more.


Of the web resources for editing images, Pixlr Editor is definitely one of the most graphically pleasing. Like the other solutions, it allows you to import files from your computer. The site offers many editing features. Always on the left we find the classic tool palette for editing photos. With Pixlr you can blur images, adjust brightness and contrast, hue and saturation and insert other interesting effects.


Like Picozu, Fotor is an online tool designed in HTML5 and therefore does not need Flash to work. The online editing "program" is very easy to use. Fotor allows you to upload images from your computer, Dropbox, Facebook and directly from the web by entering the URL of the photo. With this tool you can add effects to your photos or insert text, correct and enhance faces and "stick" stickers.