Websites and web resources to convert files for free

To convert files for free online you need to use simple platforms: from CloudConvert to Online Convert, here are the best ones

When you download documents from the Internet or when you receive an attachment it can happen that you find yourself with a file that you can't open. This is a problem that can happen with any type of file, from audio to video and images.

Unfortunately on the Net you can find sites where you can convert all types of files for free. This allows us not to download on the computer a program for the conversion of audio files, one for the conversion of video files and so on. It also avoids clogging the memory of our device too much. As always, when you rely on an Internet service, you should make sure that it is safe. Sometimes, in fact, these portals are exploited by hackers to spread malware and scams to unsuspecting users. If you need to convert a PDF file into a Word document, follow this simple guide.

Online Convert

This site allows you to convert files up to a maximum size of 100 MB. In addition to videos, photos and documents, it also allows you to convert eBooks and archives. Once you've decided on the file you want to convert, you can choose whether to save it to your device's memory or store it in a cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Free File Converter

Free File Converter can convert files up to a maximum size of 300 MB. This site is also useful for converting videos from, and With Free File Converter you can save the documents on your PC or in an archive in .zipper format through a special link that will remain active for the next 12 hours.


This site in addition to conversion allows you to download videos by simply entering the URL. It also has two sections, one reserved for registered users and one for those who are not registered. Those who access with their own credentials have small advantages, such as a larger size for the files to be converted and a faster download speed. Registration, through email address, is free.


Also on this platform we will have to register, at no cost, in order to take advantage of the conversion services. Filewiggler allows the conversion of 7 files at once. Once converted, the files will be automatically sent via email and the user will have a maximum of two days to download them.

Convert Files

This site is able to convert files that have a maximum size of 250 MB. Downloaded files will remain available for the next 24 hours and after that they will be deleted. Convert Files also allows users to download videos from YouTube by simply entering the URL. There is also a Mozilla Firefox extension of this site.


This site offers fewer options than those already listed. It allows you to convert about fifty different formats up to a maximum of 50 MB in size. In its favor it must be said that it is very easy to use. Once you have uploaded your document, you just need to select the format you want to convert it into and then click on Continue, and you are done.


Zamzar allows you to upload files up to 50 MB in size, it also allows you to convert up to 10 files at once and offers the possibility of converting files directly using a URL.


CloudConvert allows you to convert 215 different formats and, as you can guess from its name, allows you to save converted documents directly to the cloud.