Welcome back to the ’80s, Sony launches the new Walkman 2.0

The music player weighs just 98 grams but guarantees very high quality audio. Available in 5 colors, it will arrive in Europe starting in February

On the stage of the Consumer Electronics Show, which is being held these days in Las Vegas, Sony has also risen. The Japanese hi-tech giant has taken advantage of the international event dedicated to consumer electronics to launch its new Walkman.

The Walkman NH-A35, this is the name of the music player, is a device that according to the company is able to guarantee a perfect audio experience. In the realization of the multimedia device Sony has also been careful about the aesthetic aspect. The A35 in fact, in addition to being available in different colors, is manageable thanks to its weight that does not exceed 98 grams. A real portent of pocket music, considering the Hi-Res audio quality that the small device can reproduce. And that's not all. One of the main features of the new Sony Walkman is in fact the wireless listening.

Wireless and noise-free listening

Sony Walkman therefore promises to ensure a very high quality audio even in wireless mode. In fact, the music player is compatible with Bluetooth wireless technology and NFC connectivity that allow the A35 to integrate with all available wireless headphones. The new audio playback device also supports DSD formats and is able to reduce noise and distortion over a wide range of frequencies thanks to the 5 POSCAP capacitors that augment the S-Master HX digital amplification. According to what the Japanese company claims, "the purity of the sound comes close to perfection and the stereo effect is accentuated, making you perceive even the smallest details of each song."

Sony Walkman release date and price

As for other technical features, Sony's new Walkman has 16GB of internal storage space, expandable with microSD, and a 3.1-inch touch display. The music player comes with Hi-Res Audio earphones that integrate Digital Noise Cancelling, a technology that is able to reduce environmental noise.

The NH-A35 will arrive in Europe from February and will be available in five colors: Viridian Blue, Cinnabar Red, Charcoal Black, Lime Yellow and Bordeaux Pink. As for the price, there is no information about it yet.