What are password managers

Thanks to password managers we don't need to remember dozens and dozens of access keys for our web profiles, just save them all in the database

Managing the various social accounts and all our profiles on the web means having to remember a lot of passwords. Of course, we could use one for all the different channels but this would drastically decrease computer security. We can then rely on password managers, software that allows you to save your access keys to home banking and all the services you use online.

Nowadays, given the advanced software for password decoding that cyber criminals use, it is essential to use complex access codes. And therefore composed of a long series of numbers and letters. However, it is impossible to remember all these credentials. It is true that we can keep them in a sheet of paper, but if we lose it, we will have to recover all the passwords in a very time-consuming way. Instead, it is easier to rely on an application that does the dirty work for us. A program that remembers and manages our most complex credentials for us. That's exactly what password managers do.

How it works

With a password manager we save all our credentials inside the archive of our computer, or inside a cloud server. When we need to login to a website or social network, the password manager automatically fills in the username and access key fields through a function called form filler. So we don't even have to remember a password anymore? Wrong, we will have to set and remember at least the access code needed to activate the password manager. In this case, it is advisable to use a passphrase or a password. There's no need to spend hours thinking up complex passwords, these apps can generate passwords up to sixteen digits.

More security

Password manager software, thanks to automatic compilation, prevents keyloggers, those malicious programs installed on the computer that store everything typed on the keyboard, from discovering our credentials. When you choose a password manager, make sure that it also has a function for quickly updating credentials. This can be very useful when a site or social is targeted by hackers. Also, software that allows you to synchronize passwords through the use of a single account is preferable, so you don't waste a lot of time.