What are refurbished devices

Reconditioned devices are computers, smartphones or tablets that are offered for sale after the company has repaired and fixed them

More and more often while browsing on e-commerce sites next to smartphones, computers and tablets for sale there is the words "refurbished device". What does it mean that a smartphone has been reconditioned? And most importantly, why do they cost so much less than "non-refurbished" devices?

Let's start with the basics. That is, the definition of a refurbished device: a refurbished smartphone, tablet or computer is a device that is offered for sale after the company that produced it has fixed all the aesthetic and technical problems that users have encountered. Equating remanufactured devices with used ones is a big mistake. While the former are as good as new, with companies performing technical tests and replacing damaged parts before putting them back on sale, used devices can have cosmetic issues (scratches on the body) or malfunctions caused by drops (broken screen).

Companies, after remanufacturing the smartphone or computer, put the device back on sale, but at a lower price than a new device. Although in many cases the condition of the two devices, the refurbished and the new one, are virtually identical. Some companies (e.g. Dell and Apple) have created a real market around refurbished devices, offering them for sale directly on the company website.

What is changed in refurbished devices

Refurbished smartphones are used phones that are sent back by users because of technical malfunctions or aesthetic imperfections. Instead of discarding them, manufacturers decide to repair them and put them back on the market as if they were new. Before putting them on sale, however, refurbished devices undergo all the necessary tests and if any component is compromised, it is replaced.

The refurbishment process may involve aesthetic problems (scratches on the body), device operation (applications that do not start or chipped screen), replacement of accessories (which are checked again before putting the device on sale), cleaning and sanitizing the device and finally it is reset to factory settings.

Warranty on refurbished devices

Smartphones and computers have a one-year warranty provided directly by the company that refurbished the device. Before you buy, however, you should check if the device specifies a one-year warranty.

What to do before buying a refurbished product

Is it advisable to buy a refurbished product? In principle, yes. For two very specific reasons: the devices are checked over and over again before being sold and are practically as good as new. In addition, they have a much lower price than new devices and those who are looking for a high-end device, with a refurbished product can save several hundred euros.

Before buying a refurbished device, however, it is necessary to do some things: read carefully the description of the item for sale, check the feedback of other users on the seller and the payment method.